Anime Studio Pro v6.2 x32 

Anime Studio Pro v6.2
Год выпуска: 2010
Версия: 20100225p)
Разработчик: Smith Micro Software
Платформа: PC-Windows x32
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Системные требования:
-Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, 2000 (SP2 or higher)
-Windows XP Home/Professional/Tablet PC Edition, Windows Vista
-500 MHz Intel Pentium or equivalent Processor minimum
-256 MB RAM minimum
-50 MB free hard disk space (300 MB free hard disk space for Anime Studio Pro)
-16-bit color display, 1024 x 768 resolution
-CD-ROM drive

Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Anime Studio Pro - профессиональная программа для создания высококачественной 2D-анимации, прекрасна для профессионалов, ищущих более эффективную альтернативу утомительной покадровой детализации, создавая качественные мультипликации. Но даже не имея художественного образования и огромного опыта, Вы сможете в кратчайший отрезок времени создать шедевр на собственном компьтере уже сейчас! После завершения работы Вы сможете сохранить (экспортировать) полученный проект в популярный видеоформат (на выбор).
New in version 6.2:
Anime Studio Pro 6.2 includes the added language support for French and German and upload to Facebook® feature from version 6.1. In addition, Anime Studio Pro 6.2 includes the capability to import transparent gif files and contains assorted freehand, paint bucket and audio fixes.
Here's a list of the implemented fixes:
* On Mac, if audio is turned off or very low and you play an audio file, the computer's audio gets bumped up to the max. This has been fixed.
* Assorted Freehand and Paint Bucket fixes.
* Support for importing transparent GIF files.
* Exporting an animation longer than about 2 minutes with looping audio could lead to the sound occasionally dropping out. This has been fixed.

New in version 6.1:
- On Windows, you can change languages in the Preferences dialog. On Mac, use the standard system settings for preferred language.
- Related to localization, you can now enter non-English characters in text fields.
- Facebook video uploads.

New in version 6:
- Import 3D or 3D imagery and video
- Save time with bone-based animation
- Create amazing special effects
- NEW! Redesigned User Interface and toolset provide a powerful and productive animation environments that minimixes production time and increases your productivity.
- NEW! Sequencer - Easily adjust the timing and synchronization of audio and video tracks by utilizing the simple timeline. Mix and match audio, video, images and animated components to create digital shorts and animations.
- NEW! Motion Tracking - Objects can now be attached to visual markers in any video clip allowing you to easily match object and video motion for professional results.
- NEW! Integrated Lip-Syncing - Built on the AST production sync library you can now easily synchronize characters lips and mouths through a simple and intuitive process that yields extremely accurate results.
- NEW! Scatter Brush - Paint with vectors while controlling the size and spacing of each individual object. Allows you to easily create seemingly random fills such as grass, bubbles or stars in a night sky.
- NEW! Scripting with LUA 5.1 - An update to the versatile LUA engine with more exposure of Anime Studio's inner workings, provide you with the power to create your own tools and plug-ins, create particle effects such as fire and explosions, and customize tool behaviors, to support your workflow.
- NEW! Auto Shading - Similar to Ambient Occlusion, Anime Studio creates realistic shading based on lines and object contrast within each layer creating stylistic 3D effects.
- NEW! Content Library - Anime Studio 6 now boasts a visual content library containing hundreds of pieces of content including ready to use characters, props, 3D models, stock video, sound effects and imagery to enhance your creations.
- NEW! Morph Targets - Create, save, and blend morph targets to combine character expressions and emotions. Save and reuse previous poses and character positions, even blend colors and fills with this time saving and versatile feature.
- HD Video Support - Full support for importing and exporting High Definition video files then integrate with toon characters, props, audio, and special effects for stunning High-Def creations.
- Support for layered Adobe Photoshop vipuments.
- Built-in Pen tablet support - Draw naturally with a pen tablet such as the Wacom Intuos 4 and recreate the sensation of drawing on paper. Anime Studio 6 drawing tools support pressure sensitivity where applicable.


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